Simone & Laura


A colorful, lovely and rustic wedding in Italy

There was such an intense light at Laura’s house, and for a moment I thought they were artificial. I noticed that the room was just filled with natural light and the paintings looked like alive.
I remember thinking how beautiful they were and how much color they were giving on such an important day. Laura told me her mom made them. I just kept looking, amazed by their beauty. In the meantime, the bride was getting ready. She was stunning.
Laura and Simone got married with a Catholic ceremony at the church of Noventa Padovana. It was end of August and it was torrid. But they were such a beautiful couple. And a happy one, you could tell.
Their wedding party was a celebration of family unity and friendship. You could breathe pureĀ happiness during the event.
And that’s where it hit me. I came to the realisation that they were like the painting at Laura’s living room. Colourful. Unique. Alive.

Cerimonia: Chiesa di Ss. Pietro e Paolo, Noventa Padovana (PD)
Ricevimento: Le Risare, Campo San Martino (PD)
Abito sposa: Atelier Isabella, Abano Terme
MUA: Danijela Brozovic

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