Laura & Gabriele


A lovely wedding with a greenery touch

It was during the One Lovely Day 1 event that I met Laura and Gabriele.

I remember that there were a lot of people in my booth, and Laura was sitting near by, waiting for her turn. Gabriele was just behind her. Of that day I also remember her enthusiasm, that explosive excitement… I remember her voice and how she talked so fast, like she wanted to explain and tell me her wedding ideas right there in that moment.

During the whole preparation, she would write me and update me, she would ask some advice, or just tell me some of her new ideas. Her wedding was just gorgeous, just like her. But mostly, their dream just became a reality.

Ceremony: Church of San Giacomo Apostolo, Battaglia Terme
Reception: Villa Ca’ Conti
Catering: Chalet Banqueting
Make-up: Serena Fornasiero
Dress: Sposa d’Este
Floral arrangements: Fioreria Michelotto

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