Mirko & Alice


A timeless and elegant wedding story

The window light fell graciously on the living room of the house. It looked surreal. Alice was ready, she turned around and she asked with a soft voice: “How do I look?”. I looked at her and I was speechless.
I’ve met Alice in 2015 and we always kept in touch from then. I met her older kids for the first time on that special day, but it seemed like I’ve known them forever. She would always tell me stories about them.
It was a simple wedding, but very well thought of, nothing was left to the case. The flower choice, the dress, the location… Everything had this vintage and elegant twist.
I’ve also met Mirko a year ago, an amazing guy with a golden heart. And that day he was such a perfect groom and dad.
“Alice, you look stunning” I answered her, with a small tear in the corner of my eye.


Cerimonia: Villa Bassi, Abano Terme
Ricevimenti: La Montecchia
Abito sposa: Anna Spose
Fiori: Donne di Fiori
Stationary: Federica M Lab Design for weddings & events

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