Philippine National Costumes by Renée Salud

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Beautiful Filipino national costumes by Renèe Salud.

Special thanks to the models Angelica, Aiveen, Paul and Patrick, sig. Paolo and Paola of Kito Onlus for the location and my mom Cecilia for the technical support.

This is a beautiful opportunity to showcase the Filipino costumes through photography.

Thankful for those who believed and supported this small project.

2016-06-08_0001 2016-06-08_0003 2016-06-08_0004 2016-06-08_0005 2016-06-08_00242016-06-08_0006 2016-06-08_0007 2016-06-08_0008 2016-06-08_0009 2016-06-08_0010 2016-06-08_00152016-06-08_00262016-06-08_00212016-06-08_00222016-06-08_0012 2016-06-08_0014 2016-06-08_00252016-06-08_0016 2016-06-08_0017 2016-06-08_00232016-06-08_0018 2016-06-08_0019 2016-06-08_0020

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